Hello and Welcome I'm Shelia Trask, but you can call me Sugararlious or "Sugar" for short. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I do and have always loved cooking. My grandmother was a huge influence on me in this area. She taught me to cook like it was my last meal... serve it like it's a last meal, give respect to the food and it will respect you back, she always said. She loved to hear the people eating and see their faces as they responded with mmms and ahhs of delight to her savory creations. Growing up we always had fine meals and that is the platform on which I stand to now serve you. My First cook book will undoubtedly not be my last as I look forward to continuing Granny Givens' legacy in the kitchen. I have packed this cook book with healthy and delicious meals I cant wait for you to try. From dinners to desserts, appetizers, smoothies and even foods for your Daniel Fast, plus much more. I know you're going to love these. And I look forward to it. Feel free to contact me via the contact form or telephone number below. I look forward to getting your copy out to you. I am available to travel, teach, speak and motivate even those of you who've never thought about Cookin.

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Cookin’ with Sugarlious is the debut cookbook project of Chef Shelia ‘Sugar’ Trask. The book is filled with great recipes thatare good for your palette, body and soul. This book has brunches, appetizers, smoothies, vegetable dishes, sides,  soups, sauces, salsa, marinades, seafood, chicken, turkey, meat entrees, desserts, all healthy and nutritional. Even dishes for your Daniel Fast. It is chocked full of goodness and a must have for anyone interested in healthy living/eating and delicious food. This book was created by the inspiration of her grandmother affectionally known as “Granny Givens”. In the book Sugar writes. I will forever love what this woman of god instilled in me.... Cook like it’s your last meal... Serve like it’s their last meal.... Give respect to the food... it will respect you back... she loved to hear the people eating and see the faces of the people at her table.







Cookin With Sugarlious

Sugar Trask founded CookinWithSugarlious on Feb 15, 2012 at 4 pm. She first aired on the power praise radio with Diane Washington-Flagg from Newark, NJ.

She has been on local TV as well as international news sharing her healthy ways of preparing food. Since her mother Rosie had a stroke in 2010, sugar had to develop methods of cooking so her mother would stay healthy, not gain too much weight, so her rehab back to functioning wouldn't be a strain on Sugar or her sister, Valorie, who is the primary caregiver. She also has to maintain her health in making these changes in their lifestyle. They have successfully developed meals, snacks, appetizers that she shares with the listening audience on both radio and TV. Sugar is on air weekly on Preach the Word Worldwide Network. Sunday at 4:30 pm est, 3:30 cst. PTWWNTV.com everyday and Fridays at 12 Noon on KVRN Radio.com. CookinWithSugarlious teaches and invites you to develop healthy eating for the entire family.


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